The UGG® Trademark and Australia

Deckers Outdoor Corp. is headquartered in Goleta, California, with offices and retail locations around the world. Deckers’ UGG brand was founded in California in 1978 by an Australian. From these beginnings the UGG brand has featured an Australian spirit. Many popular UGG styles (including the Classic boot) find their historical origins in Australia. Although UGG® products are no longer manufactured in Australia, Deckers continues to source a majority of its sheepskin from Australia.

A predecessor to the UGG brand was the UGH brand in Australia, founded by an Australian surfer in the late 1960’s. Deckers obtained the rights to this historical trademark, but over time the use of the UGH mark ceased in Australia. As a result, some Australian companies have registered trademarks that contain UGG. Although these companies can use such trade marks within Australia, they cannot lawfully do so outside of Australia (including for international internet sales). Some Australian companies falsely allege that they have the right to use the word “ugg” generically outside of Australia, and otherwise circulate misinformation regarding the UGG mark. For information regarding some of this misinformation, see this “Fact vs. Fiction” summary.