As with any trademark, it is important to make proper use of the UGG® trademark. Please follow these simple Do's and Don'ts:

  • Do capitalize UGG
  • Do use the trademark registration symbol ®
  • Do use UGG as an adjective, "I love my UGG boots."
  • Do not use UGG as a noun, and do not use the plural UGGs - do not say "I love my UGGs."
  • Do not use phonetic misspellings such as "Ugh" or "Ug," and do not combine UGG with other letters such as "Uggable," "Uggers," etc.
  • Do not use UGG to describe footwear made by others - Because UGG is a trademark it uniquely identifies products that are only produced by (or under the authority of) Deckers Outdoor Corporation. Sheepskin boots that are not made by Deckers should be described using a generic term such as "sheepskin boots" or by the producer's trademark.